Technical Data Sheets

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We’ve put together a collection of documents that provide a valuable resource for food safety related topics and helpful guides for working with NQAC Araras.


Brochures & Information Sheets


Microbiology Technical Data Sheets

GMO Multi-Screening by RTi-PCR

GM-Soya Quantification by RTi-PCR

GM-Maize Quantification by RTi-PCR

TC1507 GM-Maize Quantification by RTi-PCR

DNA Extraction for PCR Assays

Detection of Listeria spp by VIDAS LPT

Detection of Listeria monocytogenes

Salmonella VIDAS Easy SLM

Detection of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin

Direct striation sterility test

Enumeration of probiotic bacteria

Technique for identification of microorganisms

Enumeration of cultivable microorganisms

Bacterial spore count

Enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae by Petrifilm

Detection of Enterobacteriaceae by MPN

Enumeration of mesophilic aerobics by compact dry

Enumeration of Mesophilic Aerobes by the Pour Plate technique

Enumeration of Mesophilic Aerobes by Petrifilm

Enumeration of Molds and Yeasts aw less than 0.95

Enumeration of Molds and Yeasts aw greater than 0.95

Enumeration of S. aureus using the BP technique

Enumeration of S. aureus using the MPN technique

Detection and enumeration of presumptive Escherichia coli MPN

Detection and enumeration of MPN coliforms

Enumeration of anaerobic sulfite-reducing bacteria

Enumeration of Clostridium perfringens

Enumeration of Bacillus cereus

Enumeration of lactic acid bacteria

Detection of Cronobacter spp

Detection and enumeration of Intestinal Enterococci in water


Chemistry Technical Data Sheets

ISO-20639_2015 – Determination of Pantothenic Acid by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 004 – Determination of Aflatoxin M1 by HPLC

LIBR 005 – Determination of Heavy Metals by ICP-MS

LIBR 006 – Determinantion of Cyanuric Acid and Melamine by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 008 – Nitrites and Nitrates by Colorimetric after Reduction with Cadmium

LIBR 013 – Determination of Total Ash in Food Products

LIBR 017 – Determination of liposoluble vitamins A,E and D by HPLC

LIBR 019 – Vitamin K Analysis by HPLC

LIBR 020 – Determination of Vitamin C by Potentiometry

LIBR 021 – Vitamin B1, B2 and PP by HPLC

LIBR 023 – Pesticides Analyses by GC

LIBR 024 – Determination of Total Nitrogen by Combustion

LIBR 025 – Avermectins by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 026 – Moisture and Dry Matter content by Loss on Drying on Oven

LIBR 027 – Fatty Acid Composition by Capillary GC-FID

LIBR 029 – Fat Determination by Rose-Gottlieb Method

LIBR 033 – Determination of Inositol by GC

LIBR 034 – Determination of Cholesterol by GC

LIBR 035 – Taurine analysis by HPLC

LIBR 039 – Determination of Chloride by Potentiometry

LIBR 042 – Perchlorate analysis by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 051 – Determination of Sulphite and Sulfur Dioxide by HPLC

LIBR 053 – Determination of Reducing and Non-Reducing Sugars by HPLC

LIBR 054 – Determination of Reducing and Non-Reducing Sugars by HPAEC

LIBR 059 – Ethylene Thiourea and Propylene Thiourea by HPLC

LIBR 060 – Casein macro peptides Index by HPLC

LIBR 068 – Gentamicin by Snap Kit

LIBR 073 – Determination of Fluoroquinolones by ELISA method

LIBR 075 – Folic Acid analysis by HPLC

LIBR 082 – Determination of Chloranphenicol by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 088 – Determination of Multiresidues of Pesticides by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 090 – Determination of Plasticizers in Food by GC-MS

LIBR 092 – Colorimetric Analysis of Urea

LIBR 093 – Determination of Sulfonamides by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 096 – Determination of Florfenicol by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 099 – Vitamin B6 by HPLC

LIBR 100 – Determination of Mycotoxins by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 106 – Pesticides Analysis by GC-MS_MS

LIBR 117 – Determination of Acrylamide by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 118 – Ionophores Analysis by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 119 – Overall Migration in Packaging Materials

LIBR 120 – Specific Migration of Metals in Packing Materials

LIBR 122 – Determination of Residual Solvent by Headspacpe coupled to GC-MS

LIBR 123 – Determination of Phthalates by GC-MS

LIBR 126 – Carbohydrate and Energy

LIBR 128 – Determination of Bromide and Iodine by ICP-MS

LIBR 130 – Determinantion of Glyphosate, AMPA and Glufosinate by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 131 – Determination of Caffeine by HPLC

LIBR 132 – Determination of Tetracycline by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 139 – Determination of Chlorate by LC-MS_MS

LIBR 0276 – Determination of Biotin by LC-MS_MS

OM-AOAC 985.19 – Total Dietary Fibres Modified AOAC 985.29

OM-AOAC 2011.14 – Nine Nutritional by ICP-OES

OM-AOAC 2014.02 – Vitamin B12 by HPLC

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